6 Prong Paw Interview

This year at Dirt Fest I was granted the chance to talk to 6 Prong Paw, a heavy and frantically fast band out of Hastings, Mi. Dedicated to putting on a live show that will leave an impact.

Question: Prior to Dirt Fest, I had spoken to Matt Dalton coordinator for Dirt Fest and he said you were one of the “must see” bands on the bill, how’s your relationship with Matt as a producer and how has he helped advance your career?

Answer: I have been talking to Matt for a few years about recording and I liked his stuff from before, and what he has recorded. Our last two albums, we kind of did ourselves, and we wanted to get away from that because we really didn’t have the equipment nor the knowledge to make it represent our live show, so that’s why we got a hold of Matt. Since recording with Matt our new release accurately represents the energy we have. It just sounds really natural and raw. He gives good ideas and has been a really great help. It was nice to have an outside opinion from a really good musician. With his help now we finally have something that represents us properly.

Question: Considering he has such a high standard for the band as a whole, has that motivated you to preform differently, such as more energetic or fan oriented?

Answer: Oh, yeah we have something to prove. We have to have high energy considering our genre and status. We give it our all, all the time. You have to stick out more, you can’t just be a ten you have to turn it up and be an eleven. No matter if you are preforming in front of five or five hundred people you’re still going to gain fans.

Question: So, Matt described your sound as something on a psychopathic level that is very frantic and fast but at the same time very melodic and disturbing. How would you personally describe your sound?

Answer: You just did it, that was spot on. We’re a fast band but we’re not your typical fast band, we are out to raise some eyebrows and make things a little uncomfortable.

Question: What developed band would you consider your sound closest to? And or bands that have influenced your sound?

Answer: I heard somebody say Machine Head. I would say like Machine Head, or Acid Bath, Cattle Decapitation.

Question: Correct me if I’m wrong, but I have noticed that you haven’t done any song collaborations with any other bands in the past. Do you have anything in the works?

Answer: We really haven’t had anyone approach us about it, we are from a small town.

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