Locust Grove Interview

High throttle hard rock band out of Oklahoma City, OK discusses their; musical influences, newest album, and the music scene in OC. 

Locust Grove is comprised of four seasoned musicians that have played in other bands prior to this one. The group combines, groovy but heavy guitar riffs coupled with candid emotions while performing. Locust Grove has infectious melodies that easily influences the crowd to bang their heads. Frontman/Guitarist, Zain Smith was a former member of the rock band Anti-Mortem, in which he played guitar. In addition, the bands bassist Quentin Williams played in a local band called Warneck. Lastly, Locust Groves hard-hitting drummer Joey Mandigo is also an asset in the American heavy metal band; Texas Hippie Coalition.  

The bands most recent release as of June 2022 is their debut LP titled, “The Battle Of Locust”. This twelve track album highlights songs such as, “Worth My Time” which was written about self conflicting thoughts of keeping toxic individuals around in your life. 

Prior to the album release, the band was out on a short tour promoting the LP as direct support to the metal band; Charger. The bands hit about ten different cities over the span of of a week and a half. Fortunately, I got to interview the guys about how tours going so far, and what the future holds for Locust Grove

With your new album that released this year titled “The Battle Of Locust”; is there a song that sticks out compositionally to you more then others?

“I would say our song “Bluebird” we reached out of our comfort zone with that song, and it’s been the best thing for us.”

What modern day bands currently influence the group when making music?

“Black Label Society, Black Stone Cherry, Corrosion Of Conformity. Not a ton of modern stuff though modern stuff is amazing!”

Considering you are a rock band based out of Oklahoma City; What is the rock/metal scene like in Oklahoma? 

“It’s always thriving! Newer bands are starting to be more on the rise. Which is what every scene needs!”

Tour tends to really be a good time to tap into your creativity and write new music; what takes you to a creative spot to write/ produce music? 

“Night drives for sure, and always listening to music. Inspiration can always strike out of nowhere!”

Music is very subjective and allows people to interpret songs/lyrics in many different ways; what song on the new album do you think leaves room for the most interpretation? 

“I would say all of them. You should always have an open mind when it comes to music of all genres! Let the imagination flow.”

Every band has a different workflow when creating music; what does a typical writing session look like for the band?

“We like to write together as a band. We feel with the 4 of us in the room, we feel the most connected and inspired.”

A year from now; where do you see the band heading?

“It’s only up from here! The sky is the limit!”






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