All female group GFM shares what it’s like to create a music sub-genre, tour, and recently released music. 

Glamcore trio, GFM (Gold Frankincense & Myrrh) is comprised of three sisters that love to create powerful rock music. The girls begun their musical journey in 2016 composing their first album, “Identity Crisis”. After the release of “Identity Crisis”; the ladies hit the road for their first tour that served as a gateway to other tours being booked. Additionally, GFM was able to play numerous festivals and ultimately began to gain a larger following. As a powerful force of females in the rock industry, the group became more prevalent and was able to network with world renowned record producer; Joey Sturgis. Sturgis became involved with the group and helped them in the producing process. Despite the pandemic, GFM found alternative ways of touring via the internet. 

Remaining relevant in the industry; GFM has had a busy year kicking off 2022 with a tour, alongside new 6 song EP titled, “Framing My Perception”. Luckily, I was able to interview the girls about touring, and even being females in a mostly male dominated industry. 

As an all-female band in a male dominated industry; how do you think GFM will make an impact on the rock/metal community?

            “I think we’re helping girls find strength and comfort in this community. We’re also building bridges between parents and their kids as well as significant others because now they have a band they can listen to together.

According to your bio, you have created your own genre; “Beautycore”. How did the band develop the genre/idea of Beautycore? Do you see other bands falling into this genre?

            “So, beautycore started as a joke because we felt like we didn’t have a place to belong genre-wise. When more people heard about it, they encouraged us to run with it, so we did. Now, it’s acting as a place for all-girl rock bands to belong.

            “There are definitely bands that can fit into this genre. Two that come to mind are The Warning and Plush. We haven’t had the chance to meet them in person yet, but it would be great to one day!

Recently GFM was on tour with Fozzy & Krash Karma; What do you deem as the most challenging and the most rewarding things from touring?

            “We definitely had to learn a lot on that tour because it was bigger than the tours we had previously done, and it was with a market that we’re still building a reputation in. I think one of the most challenging things for us is that we had a lot of extra help from crew members, so we weren’t responsible for a lot of the stage work before/after shows. It was difficult at first to give up control of that, but it definitely saved us some energy once we figured it out.”

            “The most rewarding thing is just that we got to grow our Team GFM family. We met so many people that had never heard of us before, or who had been waiting years to see us.  The bands became our road family as well, so it was super cool to be seen as peers among them.

Considering you’re a band compiled of three sisters; How has your individual music taste differed from one another growing up?

            “We each definitely pull toward different genres, but that’s actually helped us with the band. Some of us prefer pop music, some prefer heavier metal. It also changes all the time for us because we get bored. It helps us stay relevant with our own writing though because we listen to so much stuff.”

When on tour; Do you find the band being more or less creative? Do you tend to create new material?

            “It depends. Sometimes creativity strikes randomly, and we try to always take advantage of that. We do tend to try to take a break from writing while we’re touring though because that helps us not get burned out.”

With the release of your new EP titled, “Framing My Perception”; How did your writing style elevate itself from prior music you released?

           ” We experimented with new writing styles for this EP because we wanted to push ourselves as songwriters. We wanted to become better lyricists, have bigger choruses, and develop the screaming more. We feel like we definitely did that and that we were able to give a raw, powerful project to our listeners.”

On “Framing My Perception”; Do you have a song on the album that speaks to you more then the others? If so, why? What was your mindset when writing and recording the song?

            “It’s difficult to pick just one because each song has a personal story tied to it, so they all speak to us. We wanted to purposely do that though. If even just one of our listeners has gone through something similar, we wanted them to know that they weren’t alone in their struggles.”

            “We wanted to make sure we were writing songs that we would actually want to listen to as well. We added elements to songs that would make us wanna run around on stage or laugh because we remembered the experience of recording it.”

“Framing My Perception” is a mix of catchy lyrics with heavier hitting punches; What does the bands workflow look like when writing music?

            “It’s always chaotic when we sit down to write music. The three of us are really involved, so you have three young girls throwing out ideas at the same time. Someone’s usually watching a tv show or youtube on their phone. We always have a surplus of snacks because everyone knows you need snacks. There’s tons of laughter and then it will randomly get quiet while everyone concentrates on trying to find a word that rhymes. It is such a whirlwind, but it’s so fun as well.”

What can GFM listeners and fans look forward to when attending a live show?

            “Again, just mass chaos. Our shows are very energetic, and we hope that people can come to our shows and forget about their problems, even if it’s just for 45 minutes. We want to make people feel like they belong, and we want them to feel uplifted after being at one of our shows. There are cupcakes being thrown, beach balls and glowsticks everywhere, and band members jumping into the crowd. We want to make it a night to remember.”

Since we are half-way through 2022; What does the rest of the year look like for GFM?

            “We have a fully booked year ahead of us! The rest of our summer is stacked with tours and festivals, and we head back out with Fozzy in September. There’s a good number of shows that haven’t been announced yet, and we can’t wait for Team GFM to find out where we’re coming. We’re starting to play some of the songs off of “Framing My Perception,” and we’re excited to see them take a life of their own live! Make sure you’re following us @thegfmband to watch it all happen.”








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