Volbeat (Show Review)

Two separate lines wrapped around Detroit’s historic Masonic Temple on Aug. 12,2016. Eager concert goers awaited their entrance into the venue.

Opener Black Wizard took the stage. Black Wizard is a heavy metal band out of Vancouver, British Columbia, but did not impress the attendees. From their stage presence to the sound quality, a great majority were highly disappointed. Many remarks that were made by the crowd consisted of “how disappointing”, “wow, a great band like Volbeat, with such a terrible opener”, and “Volbeat should be embarrassed that they have such terrible direct support.” As Black Wizard finished their set, which felt like it lasted an eternity, the energy of the crowd picked right back up; everyone eagerly awaiting Volbeat.

The lights flickered, and all the band members entered the stage, opening the show with The Devils Bleeding Crown. Devil horns were rapidly thrown up in the air, along with a handful of pounding fists.

The entire set had immense sound quality. Along with that, the band had incredible energy that was contagious to the crowd. Volbeat finalized the show by inviting all the little rockstars in the crowd to accompany them on stage for the last song.


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