M-102: Upcoming Shows & Album Release Announcement

Thrash metal band out of Detroit, Michigan prepares for upcoming shows and junior album release.

M-102 developed in 2013 and have not stopped working since, the band is currently composing their third album expected to release summer 2018. The groups debut release, “The Dividing Line” (2016) administered an active year including, being on the The Brick in the Face Tour visiting a total of 19 different venues. This past May M-102 released their sophomore album, “The Line’s Been Crossed” (2017) and had the chance to tour across the Midwest.

M-102 will continue their activeness in the industry throughout the remainder of 2017, going into 2018.

M-102 Live:

Korner Bar (Hamtramck, Michigan) January 26, 2018
The Ritz (Warren, Michigan) January 27, 2018
KOTR M/C (Detroit, Michigan) February 17, 2018
Empire Bar (Akron, Ohio) March 17, 2018
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