Michigan Kicks Off the ” Save The World 2022″ Tour wsg/ GFM & Krash Karma

The room filled with eager concert patrons at the Diesel Concert Lounge in Chesterfield, Mi to kick off the first night of the “Save The World Tour”. 

With over a two year hiatus of touring, American rock band Fozzy commanded the rooms attention with their high throttle energy. From the flashy stage attire worn by the bands front man, Chris Jericho; to the sound of the Co2 jet machine being dispersed into the crowd, the rooms momentum continued to grow. Their set contained songs from multiple albums and ended with one of the groups most popular songs, “Judas”.  With Michigan being the first stop on the tour, Fozzy even made it a priority to sing Detroit hockey legend, Darren McCarthy a happy fiftieth birthday. 

Fozzy has had a copious amount of success in the modern rock scene since entering it over the past two decades. The groups catchy riffs and groovy rock style has landed them on the charts numerous times. From the Billboard 200 list to reaching top 5 on the US Rock Radio Charts, the band continues to see success with every release. 

Fozzy is expected to release their new up and coming album “Boombox” this spring on May 6, 2022. The album contains twelve tracks and runs a span of around 45 minutes. Currently there are four tracks available for early listening on platforms such as Apple Music. 

Serving as direct support to Fozzy was the glamcore sister trio, GFM (Gold Frankincense & Myrrh). With a mix of melodic rock accompanied by strong metal vocals these rocker chics took the room by storm. The camaraderie between the sisters showed the room the deep level of passion for music these ladies have. With bouncy energy and the ability to fill multiple roles within the band you can tell that musicianship has been in their blood from an early age. 

The ladies of GFM found their original passion for music around the age of five and have been sharpening and honing in on their musical talents ever since then. GFM released their debut album titled “Identity Crisis” in 2016 which introduced them to the music industry and allowed them to hop on a couple tours. The band most recently released a new single off their upcoming album titled “Framing My Perception” that hit streaming platforms this past week. GFM ultimate goal is to make women in the metal music industry less taboo and to inspire young people to tap into their creative side musically. 

With over 20 stops left on the tour there is still time to get tickets to a show near you!

LINK TO TICKETS : https://fozzyrock.com/tour/

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