Iron Reagan & Sacred Reich at The Sanctuary

Thrash metal took over Detroit’s intimate venue, The Sanctuary this past Thursday with chaotic performances from Sacred Reich and headliner Iron Reagan.

As the graffitied entrance of The Sanctuary opened their doors to underground metal fans, the small room filled with excitement. From the first riff’s of the night metal-heads began to make room for the infamous circle pit. With fast and hard hitting sounds the crowds energy was already through the roof. 

By the time Sacred Reich hit the stage, concert goers knew it was time to stir things up. They opened their set with the fast paced track titled, “The American Way” that was released 10 years ago. As patrons chanted the lyrics a few brave rockers decided to hop up next to the band and stage dive into the crowd. As the chaos continued, the sound quality and energy remained high throttle throughout the entire set. 

Sacred Reich is a seasoned thrash metal group from Phoenix, Arizona that has been rocking out since 1986. The bands focus being to write songs in relation to societal and political issues underlying in our country. As Sacred Reich gears up for their first album release in over 20 years, they are proof that thrash is still alive and well.

With only a few minutes to breathe between sets; headliner Iron Reagan took the stage. With the same amount of enthusiasm, the crowd continued the chaos. With heads banging throughout the room the newer era of thrash took over listeners ears. 

Iron Reagan is a hardcore thrash metal group from Richmond, Virginia that begun in 2012. The band has gathered most of it’s members from other bands to create a supergroup. Signed to Relapse Records the band has released a total of two studio albums and one with A389 recordings. 

Overall, the unity in the room exemplified the reason most metal-heads listen to the genre in the first place. An inclusive environment where you are able to fully express yourself and enjoy every second of it; is the place any metalhead would want to be! 









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