Like A Storm (Sirius XM Octane Accelerator Tour) Show Review

All three acts on the Sirius XM Octane Accelerator Tour brought their A game to Detroit’s intimate venue; The Shelter. 

 The show opener, Afterlife braced the stage with their heavy hitting sound accompanied by relatable lyrics to get the crowd going. Lead singer, Tyler Levenson captivated the crowd with his passion and relation with the bands music. 

Direct support to the headliner was a fun and energized rock group called, Royal Tusk. Following with the flow and keeping up the momentum, Royal Tusk took the crowd to a whole new level of entertained. With the bands goofy demeanor coupled by their extreme radiance of passion through their music, Royal Tusk was the perfect support leading up to Like A Storm. 

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As fans eagerly awaited for Like A Storm to hit the stage they watched as the stage crew set up panels of tv’s on each side of the drum kit. Additionally, the stage crew put out two creative skull mic stands. As more time elapsed the crowd knew that the band would start soon. Minutes before set time three of the band members came on stage to make an announcement. They relayed that their bassist, Kent Brooks had gotten extremely sick and would not be able to perform this evening, but they were going to do their best to give us the show we as fans deserve. With utmost professionalism, Like A Storm returned to stage to rock the house. Despite the setbacks, Like A Storm killed their performance and had Detroiter’s wanting more.

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