The Gore, Core, Metal and More Tour! (GWAR)

Concert patrons rushed into St.Andrews Hall in Detroit, Mi on October 29, 2018 to partake in The Blood Of Gods Tour.

As blood was shot across the venue gruesome metal band, GWAR insured all concert goers a theatrical experience. Concert veterans knew what to expect when the show begun and had their white shirts ready for the bloody massacre that was about to follow. With over an hour long set, GWAR captivated and entertained the whole room from front to back. Crowd surfers flooded the barrier and the mosh pits began to stir up. As the show progressed, GWAR made sure to incorporate their unique stage presence and musicianship.

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GWAR is an American heavy metal band based out of Richmond, Virginia in 1984. Overall, making their conceptual spirit one of a kind. Their latest release titled, “The Blood Of Gods” is the continuation to their existence and features the rise of humanity against their creators. All in all, GWAR is a unique talent that I think every rock fan should see once in their life. The bands overall theatrics and stage performance is one of a kind. 


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