The Black Dahlia Murder: St. Andrews Hall (June 10, 2018)

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Playing Nightbringers in its entirety; The Black Dahlia Murder had metal-heads from wall to wall at St.Andrews Hall in Detroit,Mi on June 10, 2018. 

The Black Dahlia Murder (TBDM) is an American death metal band from Waterford, Michigan, that formed almost two decades ago in 2001. With seven full length albums released and over sixteen years of touring, TBDM has become seasoned vets to the Michigan metal community.

The Black Dahlia Murder kept fans engaged from the beginning of the first track to the last three encore songs. The circle pits were in full affect as concert patrons expelled copious amounts of energy to keep up with the bands melodic riffs.  St. Andrews crowd control staff became overwhelmed with the amount of crowd interaction. The rockers turned into a sea of constant crowd surfers trying to coast their way to the stage. Overall, The Black Dahlia Murder was consistently able to maintain outstanding stage presence and sound while interacting with fans as much as possible.

“I always feel a responsibility to the people who support this band when we start making a new record,” asserts vocalist Trevor Strnad. “The pressure that comes from people being excited to hear what you come up with next can be intimidating, but it’s so exciting that those people love you so much for just doing what you do. It makes you want to honor what you’ve done in the past, but also excite them with where you go next, and that definitely drove us on ‘Nightbringers’. When we started writing I honestly didn’t know we had this album in us, and I feel really proud of it. It’s a great moment for us.”

The Black Dahlia Murder

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