West Michigan Bands Takeover Grand Rapids

West Michigan rock fans piled into The Stache at The Intersection in Grand Rapids on March 24, 2018 for a night of Michigans local talent. 


The Stache is a 400 person capacity room that only books national acts and local acts who have proved themselves in the Michigan scene.

“We look for local support that not only fits the bill musically, but will also be able to bring in a good number of their fans.”

-Via sectionlive.com

With a high standard to fill, the six homegrown Michigan bands began a night full of good ole’ rock n’ roll. The night started with the openers; Crossing Bard, Bleed The Water, Graves Crossing, and Trixy Tang. As more rockers filled the building while the sets progressed, the crowd eagerly awaited for co-headliner (SiBuS) and headliner (Deepfall) to hit the stage.

The drinks and good spirits were in full swing as hosting/ headlining band Deepfall begun their set. From the headbanger in the front row to the sound guy in the back the whole room was captivated by the musical talent exemplified on stage before their eyes. Deepfall rocked the room while playing some recently written original music along with a mix of cover songs. As Deepfalls set concluded fans gathered around to meet and chat with the musicians. Overall an eclectic night of Michigan rock n’ roll talent.


Official Website



See Deepfall Live:

Deepfall Upcoming Shows.jpg

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