Jackstand: Saddle Up For Upcoming Shows

Detroit rock band mixes classic sounds with a twist of their own.

Jackstand is gearing up to preform several shows in the next couple months. You can catch Jackstand in the act at the world-renowned concert lounge, The Machine Shop on Friday February 9, 2018. Following The Machine Shop show, Jackstand is hitting the stage at Road Rangers in Taylor, Mi on February 16, 2018.

Jackstand is a foursome who are seasoned vets of recording and preforming at venues throughout the Detroit metro area. In addition, previously preforming with national acts such as; Autograph, Saliva, and Molly Hatchet. On top of that, Jackstand is also active in local Battle of the Bands competitions hosted by Hard Rock Café and Detroit Live Magazine.


Jackstand Live:

Febuary 9, 2018 – The Machine Shop (Flint, Mi)

February 16, 2018 – Road Rangers (Taylor, Mi)


Official Website


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