Grand Rapids based band Dirt Chili thrives on good old classic rock n’ roll with a kick of hair metal.

Dirt Chili is a high throttle group that incorporates their sense of humor to create an electrifying bond between band mates. All of Dirt Chili’s five members played previously in other bands and decided to unify due to their common interests in the same musical influences. Exclusively, Alice in Chains and Black Sabbath helped to curve the band’s sound.

Over the past seven years of the groups existence, Dirt Chili has released an EP named “Humanzee” and a full-length debut album titled “Shot and a Smoke.” In the meantime, Dirt Chili’s agenda is full of up and coming performances, and occupying their time with writing and recording new material.

Check out Dirt Chili’s “Bartender” music video here:

Dirt Chili:


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