Great White Interview

Great White will be taking the stage with Vince Neil & Autograph on July 22, 2017 at Chene Park. We got the chance to talk to Michael Lardie about several topics.

Many bands that are not from Michigan express that their most energetic and exciting shows happen in Detroit. Do you feel that there is a specific state or location you have played in that, shows more support and is more spirited then Michigan?

 “As far as consistency of high energy shows, a lot of Michigan is that way. There is something very special about Michigan.”

Are there any Michigan bands that Great White has worked with or are planning to work with in the future?

“No, as far as Michigan bands. But… years and years ago we did a festival with Iggy Pop.”

Since you guys have toured a lot, is there something specifically memorable and unique that has happened on tour that you would like your fans to know about?

“One of the things is playing festivals in Europe during the summertime. Buddy Guy, Bob Dylan, and Slayer all on the same stage on the same day. It doesn’t matter who is on the bill, make it as eclectic as possible. I would like to see more of that in the states.”

Transitioning, your album release is right around the corner (June 2nd), how has it been working in the studio with Michael Wagener?

“It was like going back to an old familiar friend. He did our first full length record. Being as old as Great White is, we developed who we are. After years and years together you define who you are as a band. He does what he does and we do what we do.”

Since Wagener has worked with many talented musicians such as Alice Cooper, and Metallica. How do you think his style of producing has shaped Great White?

“I don’t think it has shaped us. We have 35 years of defining ourselves. And Michael truly understands who we are.”

It looks like you guys have some interesting album artwork for Full Circle, who designed the album cover and was there a concept behind it?

“I think that was a friend of ours Paul, he’s an oceanography artist. The cover looks like a lot of energy, with the instruments flying around, it fits well.”

I will be attending your show on July 22nd at Chene Park in Detroit with Vince Neil. What are yours and the bands feeling about sharing the stage with him?

It’s great it’s an interesting thing. It’s like Slaughter without Mark Slaughter. It’s such an easy day. We are good friends with the guys. They always encourage us to go out and play as hard as we can, and we do the same for them.”

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Twitter: @GreatWhiteRocks

Featured Image: Neil Zlozower

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  1. Would love to see GW in Detroit.
    Thinking of planning a trip there


  2. Nice Interview Lauren, great to hear questions answered that are different and creative!


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