It Lies Within Interview

Better late then never, Flint, Mi based band It Lies Within answered some questions after their set on August 13, 2016 in Pontiac, Mi Dirt Fest…

Now you guys have been on tour non-stop since 2011 with local bands and less advanced bands, how does it feel to be playing Dirt Fest with more developed bands?

“Honestly, it’s a blessing to be a part of something like this, this is our sixth year here in a row on the main stage. People always say, “those It Lies Within boys are spoiled,” but we grew up with Matt Dalton and local bands and worked our asses off, and honestly that’s why we are here. We hope to continue to come back. It’s honestly the fans that allow us to come back, so shout out to all the Michigan fans that continue to support us.”

Have any of the bands on the bill for Dirt Fest, specifically influenced you or your genre of music?

“Oh, absolutely, without a doubt. I have played with Killswitch Engage twice now here at Dirt Fest specifically, I mean those guys are the reason I started playing metal core. After college I kind of got out of the music scene for a little bit, trying to do the whole cooperate job thing, but you know I heard Killswitch, I heard Avenged Sevenfold, I heard All That Remains, I heard As I Lay Dying, and I go, “that’s what I need to be doing,” and so I called Matt after I was living in Atlanta, and Matt said come back up to Flint and lets start this.”

Knowing that the band is originated in Flint, Mi also known as a murder capital, how has the murder rates influenced writing music for the group as a whole?

 “That’s what it is all about, that’s exactly what It Lies Within is about, people ask us what were about. We do come from a destructive area, we do come from a water crisis right now, stuff that is very very important going on that is just kind of getting swept under the rug. People need to create awareness about that stuff. The bottom line is, I love where I’m from, I love Flint, Michigan. I want to give a shout out to all my homies 810 represent, shout out to the Machine Shop, the best venue in the whole entire world, and I am very proud of where I’m from.”

From listening to your music, the trend seems to be that you don’t use a lot of vulgar language, do you think that, that has any effect on your following or fan base?

“You know, I really hope so, I mean that fans are paying attention enough, and reading the lyrics, the bottom line is I want them to vibe from us, and meet us as band members, and notice that we are not the band that sits in green room, we are not the band that sits in the van all day before the show, were out here, we are out here meeting people, we do this because we love to do this. We do this because we thoroughly believe what this band is about.”

Considering you have toured I several different states and venues, how do hometown shows compare to out of state shows?

“Of course, I’m biased, I love where I’m from, and Michigan is where we started.”

Many major bands not from Michigan express that their most energetic and exciting shows happen in Detroit, Mi. Do you feel that there is a specific state or location you have played in that, shows more support and is more spirited then Michigan?

“Absolutely not, without a doubt. I am from Flint, Mi and I am so blessed to have the world-famous Machine Shop in my backyard. I’m spoiled and blessed to have that. Of course, home is where the heart is, but I don’t want anyone to feel left out, because I love everybody, anyone who gives this band a chance, and allows us to play. We just want to spread that love, once again thank you guys!”

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