Paralandra Interview

I caught up with Paralandra, a hard rock band determined to create pure and heartfelt music and discussed music influences, prior tours, and band history.

Question: Considering you are a relatively new band that started in 2013, how much has your music advanced in the past three years, lyrically and musically?

Answer: Insanely, the songs I wrote whenever we started the bands are like a complete different genre then what we’re doing now. I was writing a lot more of pop sorta things that were acoustic, because I liked that style. Gradually over time it has just gotten more hard rock oriented, I have gotten a lot more into heavier music, and it has just shaped itself from there. I think we’re kinda settling into a niche right now.

Question: Now, many people may not know that the band started as a dad and daughter act, and quickly expanded. How is it being on tours and performing live with such a loved one by your side?

Answer: Its amazing, I absolutely love it. Yeah, I have a really cool dad. It’s not one of those things like “oh my god dad go away” I love having him around, he’s hilarious, he’s crazy, he’ll get us into trouble just as much as getting us out of it.

Question: you have opened up for some well-known bands such as, Hinder, Scott Weiland, and Art of Dying. How have these artists influenced your style of music?

Answer: Honestly, I hate to say this but I don’t think that those artists have really influenced my sound at all. A lot of my influences have been like the older bands like Van Halen, so lots of the 80’s stuff. As far as other influences, Alter Bridge has been really huge for me. I did actually get to play with them at DTE. So that was like insane, and really exciting. But as far as Hinder and Art of Dying they have influenced me to just be an awesome person, and stay true to myself and being real.

Question: seeing that your lead singer is a female, do you foresee ever switching to a male lead?

Answer: Not Really, I like to be there out in front of everyone. I was actually kind of thinking about that at our rehearsal a couple nights ago. Usually a couple nights before a big show like Dirt Fest I won’t do vocals at practice. I will just focus on my riffs, and I began thinking that this is actually nice, just focusing on my riffs and solos, and making sure that I’m doing all that right. Like I just love preforming. But I would never replace singing and being out in the front. That’s just my favorite and I love it.

Question: On your YouTube Channel you did a cover of Dark Horse, By: Katy Perry. How have fans reacted to this anthem?

Answer: Oh man, people went crazy,  I actually had to beg the guys to do Dark Horse. I was like “guys, Katy Perry is amazing and I love her, and we have to do something with Katy Perry.” So I convinced them to do Dark Horse.

Question: So, I am seeing Halestorm in a couple of days actually, do you have a special connection to female fronted bands?

Answer: Yeah, I love female fronted bands. I grew up listening to evanescence, she has actually been a huge influence on my sound. I love Halestorm, Lizzy is an awesome person. She actually sent me a birthday video on my 22nd birthday saying “Cassandra, happy 22nd.”

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  1. Awesome Job Lauren, Great questions!


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